Bitcoin Tribe Frequently Asked Question

Tribe is a non custodial bitcoin wallet application intended to improve the accessibility of bitcoin to the general public while maintaining the tenet of self sovereignty that bitcoin is built on.

What is the Gift Sats feature?

You’ll find “Gift Sats” in the Friends and Family section. With Gift Sats, you can send a gift link or QR code to anyone with preloaded sats. The recipient receives Gift Sats without having to interact with you again. You will know when they have accepted it into their wallet; else, you can even reclaim it.  Also, once they have accepted the Gift Sats, they can send it to someone else if they want to, without incurring a fee.

Here are the steps:

Register with Swan Bitcoin and complete the documentation formalities.

After the documentation, within your wallet click on Swan Account > Link Swan. The wallet would take you to Swan to link your email address. Link your email address and your auto-withdrawal wallet is setup

Does Tribe require KYC to use Swan?

We do not require any of your personal information for you to use Swan within Tribe wallet. All documentation is done on Swan Bitcoin.

How do I start using Tribe wallet?

Like any other app, you can download Tribe from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. On installing Tribe, you will be prompted to set your PIN, name your wallet and given an option to backup your wallet onto your cloud. You can refuse initial cloud backup, but we recommend you to back it up, if you’re new to bitcoin. Several updates are coming soon to the backup procedures.

Please make sure that your browser settings are set to recognize applinks. Or use Chrome or Safari as your default browser.

What is Tribe's PGP Key?

Tribe's PGP key is 389F 4CAD A078 5AC0 E28A 0C18 1BEB DE26 1DC3 CF62

I want to use Tribe but I already use another wallet. How do I switch?

You can transfer your funds from another wallet to a Tribe Wallet address just like transferring money to a friend. Note that this transfer is not immediate and depends on the Bitcoin blockchain’s blocks to get confirmed, which may take anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours.

What is the difference between a non custodial wallet and a custodial wallet?

A non custodial wallet is one where the service provider (aka us) has absolutely no control over your bitcoin private keys. A custodial wallet is one whose function is very similar to bank apps, where you don’t have direct control over your funds.

Should I take backup? Can I use the wallet without setting up backup?

Yes, you should! It takes less than 2 minutes, and you should stop scrolling Instagram or TikTok and do this immediately. You can use your wallet without setting up a backup but if you lose your wallet or phone, there’s no one to run to.

How do I see the current status of my backup?

Click on the gear icon in the bottom right on the app’s home screen. This should take you to the Settings and More page. Click on Wallet Backup and follow the simple steps thereon to secure your wallet.

Is this scheme secure?

Good, you’re paranoid, and rightfully so. We use the industry standard of backing up the wallet using seedwords. The security of the scheme is well established. The onus is on you to carefully write down and store the seed words so that only you have access to it. 

How can I improve my privacy?

Although our aim is to be privacy preserving and we do all that we can for the same, you are taking our word for it.

We recommend the following steps which will help you improve your privacy.

1) Use VPN when using Tribe – this will ensure that the backend does not receive your IP address.

2) Connect your own node – this will ensure that the balance you are fetching for your addresses is not exposed to us.

What is a Test Account?

The test account is designed as an account that enables people to experience Bitcoin without buying bitcoin. It comes preloaded with test bitcoin that you can send to other users on Bitcoin’s test network.

Can I buy something with the funds in my test account?

Test bitcoin are like Monopoly money, you can play good games but you can’t buy anything in the real world. Just like you can’t (and shouldn’t) go about using Monopoly dollars at Starbucks, you can’t use test bitcoin in the real world either.

Why is my balance in sats?

Sats is short for satoshis or one in one hundred millionth of a bitcoin. Think about it this way, is it easier to say you spent 0.0005 bitcoin on a cup of coffee or to say you spent 50000 sats on coffee?

How do I buy real bitcoin?

You need to burn together a strand of elf hair, a mammoth tusk, and the skull of a rhino at 12 in the night to buy one bitcoin.

No, its not that tough, you can buy bitcoin:

– Within Tribe from Ramp

– From non custodial, P2P Exchanges like HodlHodl

– From custodial Exchanges like Kraken, Binance, and Coinbase.

or ask your friend if they have bitcoin, anything works. Buying bitcoin depends on your jurisdiction as well, so please make sure you abide by the law, and welcome to the crazy world of bitcoin!

Someone wants to send me bitcoin to get started. What should I do?

On the main screen, click on the account where you’d like to receive funds and click on the “Receive” button. You will be presented with a QR code, which you can then send to your friend. Please make sure that you send the right QR because funds sent to the wrong address are not recoverable by anyone.

My friend just sent me some bitcoin and its not showing up in my account. HELP!

Transactions can take 30-120 minutes to get confirmed, and in some cases even more. If your funds are not showing up even after waiting for two hours, try refreshing the app by pulling down on the account screen. If this doesn’t work, close Tribe and start it again. Also don’t forget to make sure that your friend sent bitcoin to the right address. If they sent it to the wrong address, there’s nothing you, or Tribe can do to retrieve the funds.

I want to send and receive bitcoin to and from my friends and family. Is there some easy way to do so?

Tribe enables you to send bitcoin to your friend and family with ease. Go to the Friends and Family section on the home screen. Click on “Add New”. Select the contact you want to add and go through the process. Once added as contact, you can simply select the person you want to transact with and send/receive bitcoin.

Does the wallet support Bech32 addresses?

Yes you can send sats to Bech 32 addresses and also receive them from wallets supporting Bech 32. Natively the address we use is wrapped p2sh.

How do I send funds from Tribe's accounts?

On the main screen, click on the account from which you’d like to send funds from and click on “Send”. In the next screen, paste or scan the QR of your friend’s Bitcoin address, Enter the amount in the box below the “Address” box, add a description (for your reference), and choose how fast you want your friend to receive money. Once you’re done and whenever you’re ready, click on “Confirm” to send your friend bitcoin.

What is the advantage behind using Friends and Family compared to just sending them bitcoin like to anybody else?

Choosing a contact as Friends and Family enables you to send bitcoin without requesting them for an address each time you want to send or receive funds from them. Sending to a normal contact however, requires you to ask for an address and send an address every time you want to send or receive bitcoin from a friend.

The shown fee is too high, is there a way to reduce it?

There are three options available based on how fast you want the receiver to receive bitcoin: low, medium and high. If these don’t work out for you or if you don’t mind waiting for a while, check back on fees in 5-6 hours. Chances are the network is congested and you might be lucky later. You could also use the Custom Fees option to select how much you want to pay for the transaction.

This Tribe thing is not for me, I want to use another wallet.

Oh no, that sucks. Moving away from Tribe is as simple as sending all your money to a bitcoin address. Make sure to transfer money out of all your Accounts before uninstalling the app. If there’s something you would like to share with us about the app, or would like to provide general user feedback, please write to us at

What future functionality are you looking at integrating into Tribe?

There are tons of interesting things on our roadmap. Be sure to follow us on twitter and medium handles to know when new features get added.

I like your roadmap and want to help add new features. Where do I get started?

All of our code is open source on GitHub and we’re always looking for contributors. Feel free to make a change, issue a Pull Request, or open an issue if you’re facing any, and we will address it immediately. If you’re interested in joining the team or exploring career options, send us an email at and we can get started.

I set my PIN to 1111. How can I change it?

Who doesn’t set their password to 1111 at some point? Click on the gear icon at the bottom right of the home screen. Click on Wallet Settings, then click on “Manage Passcode”. Enter 1111 under the “Please enter your existing passcode” box and set a new passcode. Make sure you set a good one!

I lost my phone. What do I do?

First up, get a new phone and get your life back in order. You’re using Tribe, so your wallet is the least of your worries. Second, download Bitcoin Tribe on the new phone, create a login passcode, click on “Using Recovery Keys” and follow the instructions there to recover your Wallet and Tribe will be back in shape like nothing ever happened. Note: You need to have backed-up your wallet for this to work.

What information do you store and should I be concerned about my privacy?

Privacy is a core feature that we’ve taken into consideration while designing Tribe and the backend services it uses. One, we do not collect any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) like your phone number or email address. As a result, it is impossible for us to associate any actions you take when using Tribe with you. This includes sending bitcoin to others, receiving bitcoin from your peers, buying from Ramp and all the other things in the wallet. Two, we do not log your IP address and requests. BitHyve’s business does not depend on having a peeping hole into your life, and we do not and will not track you or serve you lame advertisements to buy the latest fad.

Tribe uses BitHyve’s Node, Relay and Signing Server for fetching account balances and signing outgoing transactions from the Savings Account (In case you're an older user. Savings Account feature has been disabled for new users) When using these services, your bitcoin addresses are shared  (but not stored) with the backend.

As far as our Privacy Policy goes, you may be expecting 10000 lines, but we sadly don’t have that. Ours is 20 lines and you can check it out at

Does Tribe use a third party server?

Tribe uses Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform for its node and relay servers respectively.

How do I setup own node & connect Bitcoin Tribe to it?

Refer the link for details on how to install and run your own copy of the wrapper. You may need to apply additional settings as required by the laws of the country you are in e.g. restricting transactions to sanctioned entities/countries.

Please refer to the rules and regulations in your country related to setting up a node before installing and running the node.

In case app specific deep links are not opening the app on your iOS device and rather taking you to the Tribe website page, then you can try following:

  1. Go to Setting > Safari > Clean history and website data
  2. Hard reset your iPhone (Vol+ then Vol- then press and hold power button until Apple logo show up)
  3. Install the App after boot up and try.

Does BitHyve have access to my money?

Tribe is non-custodial, and we don’t have access to your private keys and neither do we have access to your complete wallet backup. Also, we have enough resources for now, so we don’t need access to your money!

What happens if some or all of Tribe’s backend services are not available?

Some of Tribe’s features like adding a new Friends and Family contact will be temporarily unavailable since they currently depend on Tribe’s backend services (a bitcoin core full node that Tribe runs to submit user transactions, the Relay server for fetching balances and facilitating ECDH channels, and the Signing server for signing Savings Account transactions).

You could also use your own node with Tribe.

Earlier working features of the app are failing for me. What do I do?

If you are accessing the app from a country listed in the OFAC Sanctions Programs and Country Information then the services are blocked for you. It may have happened that at the time of installing the app the country you are in was not in the list of sanction countries, but was later added. At BitHyve we review this list on a periodic basis and services to the sanctioned countries is restricted.

In case you are not in one of the sanctioned countries  but still some features are not working for you then reach out to us.

I heard about something called GDPR.

Ok nerd, here you go: Prepare to be disappointed in advance, its only 20 lines.

How do I know what you say is true? Can I see the source of your app somewhere?

We believe in transparency, we have nothing to hide. Tribe’s code is open source and can be viewed at

What is the Ramp Network?

Ramp network allows users to purchase bitcoin without leaving the wallet. You could launch the Ramp Account within Hexa, navigate to Ramp and purchase BTC. Soon your BTC would be reflected in your Hexa wallet.

Would I get the BTC immediately into my wallet after buying them from Ramp?
I need more information

Reach out to us at and we’re happy to help.